How To Deal With Trash Removal When You Open A Retail Store

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How To Deal With Trash Removal When You Open A Retail Store

How To Deal With Trash Removal When You Open A Retail Store

5 March 2019
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Before you open your retail store, you'll need to have a waste management system in place. If you generate a lot of waste over the course of a day, a dumpster of the proper size is needed. Plus, your store will need a recycling plan in place. Here's a look at how to deal with commercial waste.

Start With An Evaluation

Every business has unique needs when it comes to trash removal. Bring in a waste management company to offer advice on the right method of trash removal for you. Your retail shop may have a lot of cardboard waste from deliveries as well as general waste from bathrooms, snack rooms, and a kitchen if your building has one. You might also generate office waste on a smaller scale. Each type of waste is dealt with differently, especially if you recycle, so you'll need a trash removal plan that's customized for your business.

Rent A Covered Dumpster

A covered dumpster is usually a good choice for a retail store. Since most of your trash will be bagged before disposal, a dumpster can handle office waste, kitchen waste, and paper trash. Having a dumpster with a lid helps control pests and keeps the trash from being littered around your property. The waste management company can help you choose the best location for the dumpster that's convenient for you while being easy for the service to maintain. You may also want to build an enclosure for the dumpster if there isn't one present already to keep people from digging through your trash at night.

Consider How To Handle Recyclables

Take a look at what your shop can recycle. If you have a kitchen that does a fairly large business then you may have cans and bottles that can be recycled. If you carry a lot of inventory and have boxes delivered daily, you'll need a way to process and recycle the cardboard. Talk to the waste management professional about the best way to go about recycling. If you have a large store, you may want to rent a compacter that makes it easy to handle a large amount of cardboard boxes. If your store doesn't go through that much cardboard, then you can flatten the boxes manually and throw them into a recycling bin that's kept separate from the regular trash. You may be allowed to mix all your recyclables in the same bin depending on local policies.

An effective waste management plan ensures trash will be cleared out of your building daily and removed from your lot before it piles up around the dumpster. This reduces the risk of rodent and bug activity and keeps your property clean and tidy. Contact a company, like Curbside DataControl, for more information.

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