Working With Commercial HVAC Recycling Service Providers

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Working With Commercial HVAC Recycling Service Providers

Working With Commercial HVAC Recycling Service Providers

6 April 2023
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HVAC recycling is not new and can be profitable for services that have the tools and equipment to strip the units down to their core components. Many of the materials inside these units are made with non-ferrous metals that have value, and for a contractor doing a replacement of several units or a full commercial building refit, a commercial HVAC recycling service can make things easier.

HVAC Recycling

The components of the unit, such as copper tubing, aluminum coils, and steel, can be reused or recycled. HVAC recycling programs are available in many areas, where recycling companies can pick up and dispose of the unit in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The refrigerant must be removed from the system before the unit is taken apart, and federal law requires it to be captured and taken care of properly. An HVAC recycling service is equipped to handle that properly and deal with the cost of disposal as part of the recycling process.

Metal For Scrap

Many HVAC recycling services disassemble each unit that they recover and strip the parts down for scrap metal recycling. Because many of the parts are non-ferrous metals, they can be reprocessed by a refinery and used to reduce the raw materials used to create new materials. 

Copper, aluminum, and steel all have value, but often the materials need separation and cleaning to achieve the most return on the metals. Scrap yards will buy the metals, but often HVAC recycling services have vendors they deal directly with to ensure they get the best price for the metal they have.

Recycling Costs

For the contractor working on replacing or removing many commercial HVAC systems, the goal is often to save as much money as possible on the job. Finding an HVAC recycling service that will pick up or remove the old units from the job site for free is often an attractive option. 

The units do not have to be in good working order, and the contractor may opt to pile them in one spot until the HVAC recycling service arrives. The units are loaded and hauled off to a warehouse or shop for disassembly, and when the recycling service is finished with them, all that is left are the parts that once made up the HVAC system. 

From the HVAC recycling services shop, the parts are loaded and sold by material type to get the most profit from them. The process can take some time, depending on the units, but a busy HAVC recycling service can often turn over enough material to make a good profit or hold the recyclables until the market price is high to maximize their return.

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