Christmas Gold: 5 Ways To Cash In For The Holidays

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Christmas Gold: 5 Ways To Cash In For The Holidays

Christmas Gold: 5 Ways To Cash In For The Holidays

13 November 2015
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Every year, it's a holiday tradition to unpack old holiday decorations, ornaments, and other items in preparation for the season. This year, your unpacking process could help you net a little extra income. Instead of letting holiday decorations collect dust, you can cash in on a number of different items. By bringing the following five types of items to a gold refining recycling center, you can get paid for the small amounts of gold you have. These items can quickly add up and give you a big payday for all your Christmas expenses.

Holiday Ornaments

As you hang ornaments on the Christmas tree, be on the lookout for any with a little extra gold shine to them. Collectible ornaments may use real pieces of gold or gold plating that can be melted down and turned into cash for you. Typically, the heavier the ornament is, the more likely there is more gold on it. One ornament will not likely yield a lot of money. This is why you should take a shoe box or some other container and fill it with a collection of ornaments.

As workers go through the ornaments, they can perform a variety of tests to determine if the gold is real or not. Many ornaments may include gold alloys. These alloys are still valuable and contain real gold that has been mixed with other materials like copper to create various tones and color.

Christmas Electronic Decorations

The batteries may be dead on that dancing Santa Claus, but it doesn't mean you should just throw it in the trash. One of the more conspicuous places where you can find small amounts of gold is on electronics. The circuit boards used to power your animated Christmas decorations often have gold elements used for various parts. When taken to a refinery, the professionals will take apart the electronics and determine how much gold is actually inside.

Old Christmas Toys

Similar to holiday decorations, some of the old holiday gifts you gave your children could have gold parts on them. If there are handheld games or remote controlled cars that your child doesn't use any more, they can be collected and brought to a gold refinery. As the toys are broken down, different elements will be separated, weighed, and valued for you.

Along with gold, the components on these old Christmas presents may include valuable copper and silver. This can help your total add up to a nice amount.

Collectible Christmas Coins

Many types of minting companies offer collectible coins over the holiday season. Each year, the coins are minted with a festive design and then imprinted with the date. The design itself isn't what's valuable, it's more about the materials that were used to make it. Gold-plated coins along with coins that feature a solid gold ringed-edge have been sold and gifted annually for years. Each coin may contain a good amount of gold that can be cashed in through a refinery.

Solid silver bars and coins can be cashed in as well. Many refineries accept all types of precious metals, and the silver can help your total amount add up.

Christmas Jewelry

How many more years do you really plan on wearing that gold-plated reindeer pin? No matter what condition it is in, you can make some of your biggest amounts of cash by bringing a collection of old Christmas jewelry. Seasonal items are often common to gift, but they may not get worn as much as they should. Collect all of the jewelry into baggies, trying to separate it by material as best as possible. This will help speed up the valuing process and eliminate extra time waiting to get an estimate and payment.

Even if you're unsure about the gold content in something, bring it to a refinery. Full tests can be conducted so you can be sure, and you will receive full value for your items. Cash is typically given out on the same day, allowing you to have plenty of money for Christmas presents.

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