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5 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Eco-Friendly

4 April 2016
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One aspect of raising conscientious children is teaching them the importance of taking care of the earth. Many kids tend to have a natural love for the outdoors and for helping out, which can easily translate to being environmentally responsible. Teaching your kids to be more green can also be a fun bonding experience. Here are five ideas for raising eco-friendly children: Let Them Earn Money by Recycling Cans A fun way to teach your kids about recycling and money at the same time is to encourage them to collect aluminum cans and sell them at a local aluminum recycling center like Main Street Fibers.
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Christmas Gold: 5 Ways To Cash In For The Holidays

13 November 2015
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Every year, it's a holiday tradition to unpack old holiday decorations, ornaments, and other items in preparation for the season. This year, your unpacking process could help you net a little extra income. Instead of letting holiday decorations collect dust, you can cash in on a number of different items. By bringing the following five types of items to a gold refining recycling center, you can get paid for the small amounts of gold you have.
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When It Is Best To Trash Your Garden Refuse And When You Can Recycle It For Compost

24 September 2015
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As the end of the growing season is approaching, it will soon be time to pull out and discard any vegetable garden plants that won't survive over the winter. Composting your old plants is a good way to replenish your garden soil with nutrients, so you should compost as much of your garden plants as possible. But, be careful when you pull out any diseased potato and tomato plants, because it may be best to dispose of them in the trash to be picked up by waste management so they won't infect other plants.
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3 Places To Find Valuable Scrap Metals

23 September 2015
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Sometimes one person's garbage turns out to be another's good fortune, especially where scrap metals are concerned. Almost any metal that has industrial value will fetch some sort of price from a metal merchant, who can then resell it to recycling companies. Recycling scrap metals isn't just the environmentally responsible thing to do -- it can also bring a pretty penny to those who know how to collect them. Here are three great "
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Three Green Things Your Food Service Business Can Do To Save Money & The Environment

17 September 2015
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Making environmentally-friendly changes in the way any business operates is an easy way to care for the health of the planet and its population, but there are other benefits, as well. Restaurants, catering companies and other types of food service businesses are discovering that implementing greener practices in their business can also help them to attract more customers and become more profitable. If you would like to take both your food service business and your income to a greener level, the following information can help.
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