Incoporating Reycling Into Your Business's Operations

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Incoporating Reycling Into Your Business's Operations

Incoporating Reycling Into Your Business's Operations

23 May 2022
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Incorporating recycling options in your business's waste management plan can be an important way of helping to benefit the environment as it can minimize the amount of waste that your business is contributing to local landfills. While many small, medium and large businesses may want to incorporate these options into their operations, they may not know the best practices for making this change.

Assess The Type Of Recyclable Waste That Your Business Will Generate

An important first step when you are looking to utilize recycling options will be to conduct a thorough assessment of the type and amount of waste that your business will be producing. This can be necessary for determining the type of recycling service that the business will want to utilize. For example, those that expect to produce large amounts of waste may find that a recycling service that is specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial clients can be among the better options. These providers can offer recycling bins that are large enough to accommodate the waste the business is generating, and they can offer frequent pickup services.

Consider The Advantages Of Single Stream Recycling Services

A business leader may assume that employees will have to spend time separating the various items that they are wanting to recycle. Luckily, this is not always necessary for those that have the option of choosing single stream recycling options. When using these services, all of the recyclable items can be placed in the same container, and they will be separated by the recycling service once they arrive at the facility. In addition to being an easier option to use, this can also spare your business the need to dedicate a lot of interior space to recycling bins for the various materials that the service can accept.

Ensure Your Employees Are Aware Of The Limits Of What Your Recycling Provider Can Accept

There are limits on the types of items that can be recycled. Not surprisingly, many of your employees may not be intimately familiar with these limitations, and this could lead to them putting items in the recycling containers that will not be able to be processed by the facility. A common example of this can be food containers. While it may seem like the materials in these containers could be processed, the grease from the food that was inside them could render them incapable of being processed by these services. In addition to a basic orientation, you may also want to place notices near the recycling container that lists the types of items that should not be placed in it.

For more information, contact a commercial recycling service in your area.

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