Tips & Tricks To Help You Earn More When Selling Scrap Metal

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Tips & Tricks To Help You Earn More When Selling Scrap Metal

Tips & Tricks To Help You Earn More When Selling Scrap Metal

9 September 2021
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If you are looking to earn a bit of extra cash, a trip to your local scrap yard could be just the money-making venture that you are looking for. With scrap yards consistently offering cash in exchange for metals that can be recycled, not only will hauling some old junk metal down to your local scrap yard help keep these items out of your local landfills, it could also result in a rather nice paycheck for yourself. However, if you want to ensure that you are walking away with as much money as possible for your scrap metal, you will want to take the time to review the tips and tricks below before you load up your truck and head off to collect your cash.

Always Separate Your Metal

Not all metals sell for the same price. Just like any other product, some metals are simply more valuable than others due to a limited supply or a higher demand. In order to ensure that you are getting top dollar for these more valuable metals, you will need to take the time to separate your load into the different types of metal it contains. If you choose not to complete this step, you can be sure that the scrap yard will pay you for your entire load at the lowest possible price since they will need to separate the metals themselves. 

Disassemble Items If Possible

While the outer shell of an item may be made from a very basic metal, such as steel, there are often more valuable metals located inside the item. This is especially true for large appliances since these items routinely make use of copper or aluminum wires or pipes. Taking the time to disassemble items will allow you to access these more valuable metals and increase the overall value of your load significantly. 

Wait Until You Have A Full Load

While it can be tempting to run down to the scrap yard each time you come across a piece of scrap metal that you can recycle for cash, doing so may actually cost you more in the long run. This is because while a large portion of the process for setting scrap metal prices will be based on the simple laws of supply and demand, there is also a degree of discretion that is exercised by each individual scrap yard. This means that there is some room for negotiation. While it is highly unlikely that the scrap yard is going to negotiate with you on the selling price of a single item or two, they are far more willing to discuss a slightly higher price if you have a large load to sell.

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