Types Of Recycled And Reclaimed Aggregates For Your Landscape

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Types Of Recycled And Reclaimed Aggregates For Your Landscape

Types Of Recycled And Reclaimed Aggregates For Your Landscape

30 March 2021
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Landscape rocks and similar types of aggregates can be a great choice for attractive, low-maintenance mulches. You can also use these types of products in hardscaped areas such as pathways. 

A rock mulch can be extra eco-friendly since it can help to block water evaporation and thus reduce the amount of water needed for the garden beds where it's placed. But you can make your mulch even more eco-friendly by choosing a recycled rock product. Here are some examples of different types of recycled and reclaimed aggregates for your landscape.

1. Crushed concrete

Concrete can often be recycled by simply crushing it down into an aggregate material that can then be reused. Although crushed concrete may not be quite the aesthetic you're going for in a rock mulch, this type of recycled aggregate can be used in a variety of other applications in your landscape. For instance, you can use it as a sub-layer for a gravel path or driveway.

2. Recycled glass gravel

Despite being made of glass, this type of aggregate can be used in many situations where you'd use a more traditional rock aggregate. For example, you can use it in edging, garden pathways, and garden beds. Choosing glass gravel made of recycled content can help you to create a landscape that's both attractive and eco-friendly.

One of the benefits of glass gravel is that it can come in so many different colors, such as green or blue, that you're unlikely to get from a stone gravel material. In addition, since glass is so hard, impermeable, and erosion-resistant, this type of gravel may even last longer than typical gravel.

3. Recycled brick gravel

Some companies take used bricks and recycle them into gravel by simply crushing them down to the right size. This makes an attractive aggregate with an aesthetic similar to lava rock. You can use it either on pathways and driveways or in mulching applications. You can even mix recycled brick gravel with another color of gravel or place the two colors side by side in patterns for added visual interest.

4. Reclaimed gravel

Reclaimed gravel is simply recycled by being collected from its original place of use so it can be used again by someone else. This is a form of recycling that requires practically no manufacturing or processing, meaning it's about as eco-friendly as you can get. The availability of reclaimed gravel is likely to vary depending on your area and what types of sources for reclaimed gravel exist near you.

These are just some of the many types of recycled and reclaimed aggregates you can use in your landscaping, whether you're looking for a rock mulch, a gravel driveway material, or some other application for these materials. For more information on recycled rocks and rock materials, contact your local landscape rock company or contractor, such as Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc, today.

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