4 Ways To Find Scrap Metal In Your Neighborhood

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4 Ways To Find Scrap Metal In Your Neighborhood

4 Ways To Find Scrap Metal In Your Neighborhood

28 April 2020
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Looking to make some extra money by selling scrap metal? There is so much scrap metal just waiting to be taken and help you make a profit. Here are some tips on places where you can find it.

Your Home

Start by looking at what you have around your home that you have considered getting rid of, but is made with a lot of metal. This includes old appliances that don't work anymore or even aluminum cans that cannot be returned for a bottle deposit. These items are all worth something when you scrap them, so it's worth starting with what you have before you venture out.

Curbside On Garbage Day

You will be amazed at the things people throw away on garbage day that still have value due to the metal they are made out of. Many people have these metal items on the curb because they know that someone will pick it up and scrap it, and it's simply not worth the hassle to do it themselves. You can try to make a round of your neighborhood on garbage day to see what is out there. Just make sure you beat other people to the valuable scrap metal by heading out early when people put out their trash before work.


Are there businesses in your area that tend to get rid of a lot of junk? This can range from a typical office to a thrift store that needs to get rid of things that do not sell. It is worth talking to companies in your area about the kind of metal they are getting rid of on a regular basis, and if you can pick it up for scrapping purposes. They may be excited that someone will take it away for free rather than have to pay to toss it in a dumpster. 

Online Ads

Many people struggle to get rid of large appliances, so they place ads online and offer items for free. The problem is that these items tend to go quickly, and they often don't reserve the items for a specific person. They just place the item outside and it's a first come first serve basis. If you're driving around town looking for scrap metal, online classified may be worth looking at once in a while to see if you are near a place with a free item made out of metal. 

Once you have your truck loaded with scrap metal, head on over to a local scrap metal recycling facility to get some well-deserved cash. 

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