3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Old Laptop

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3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Old Laptop

3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Your Old Laptop

20 June 2019
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Getting a new laptop is exciting. After all, it's likely much faster than your older model and may have new and improved features like a high-definition display or a backlit keyboard. The only trouble with getting a new laptop is that you now have to figure out what to do with the old one. Instead of letting it take up space and gather dust for no reason, just follow these tips for getting rid of your laptop in the most responsible way possible:

Transfer All Important Files

Before you begin to remove files from your old laptop, be sure to transfer anything you think you may still need. In particular, don't forget to transfer photos, financial documents like tax forms and bank statements, and any personal documents you may want in the future. A great option is to transfer everything to a cloud-based storage service so that you can then simply log in to your cloud account and access your files from any device, including your new laptop. Another option is to buy an external hard drive and transfer the files that way.

Delete Data and Restore to Factory Settings

Next, it's time to delete your data and files before restoring to factory settings. Start by simply logging out of your various apps and software programs. Delete everything you can, and empty your trash. From there, the steps to ensure that all of your data is truly erased and that your laptop is restored to factory settings (meaning like new, without any of your personal information) vary a bit depending on whether you have a Mac, a PC, or a web-based laptop. You can look up the instructions for your particular laptop or hire a computer pro to handle this step for you.

Opt for Recycling Instead of Throwing It Out

Once your data has been removed, it's time to actually get rid of your laptop. It's never a good idea to throw your laptop in the trash since it contains dangerous chemicals that will begin to seep into the soil and water supply after it's been in a landfill for a while. Instead, look for an electronics recycling service in your area. They will either recycle your laptop for individual components or refurbish it for resale. Many electronics recycling services will even pick up your old laptop at your home, making this process even easier.

Getting rid of your old laptop is fairly straightforward and easy, especially if you follow these tips.

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